FAQ on buying GBL Cleaner at Nexvim Solution

Frequently asked questions by customers buying Gamma-Butyrolactone

We are based in the Hungary

Gamma-Butyrolactone has a shelf life of at most 2 years in an enclosed bottle.

We are an online store and picking up the products is not possible.

As soon as we send the order you will receive a tracking code allowing you to follow the status of your order.

You will get a message confirmation from us as soon as your payment has been received.

You can dilute Gamma-Butyrolactone with a ratio of at most 1/5

We work with DHL, UPS, DPD or similar.

Check the legislation in your country regarding whether the product is legal there. There are countries where Gamma-Butyrolactone is forbidden or where you need a permit for it.

In that case, we always send one additional shipment free of charge.

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